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How can a traffic ticket wreck your life?

While driving, any sort of minor negligence on the part of the driver can earn him a traffic ticket. Any misconduct, right from exceeding speed limit to too slow driving, not wearing a seat belt, not following a speed limit or involvement in any type of accident can be the cause of earning a traffic ticket.

The most frustrating issue is that, the traffic courts or the department of moving vehicles do not offer any sort of assistance to the individual. On top of it, the rules and procedures are so confusing that they can only be understood with the help of an attorney.

Here are some ways a traffic ticket can cause problems:

  • There is a grading system to indicate the driving ability of an individual. To cross a certain limit can mean suspension or revocation of license.
  • The state imposes surcharges and additional fines much higher than the original fine amount.
  • Once an individual is booked, any insurance company grades them as high risk and demands higher rates of interest.
  • If your vehicle is under company insurance, higher grades can mean higher risk and result in termination and thereby unemployment.
  • Some times any individual can also be imprisoned if he does not appear before the court.

These problems never come single. Hence, it is always better to fight a traffic ticket before giving in.


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