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Traffic Ticket – Can be nullified with some efforts

Those who drive frequently must be very well aware of the term “Traffic ticket“. Yes, it’s in regards to violating any traffic rules and regulations. It surely brings in uneasy feeling and for few it’s a part of their daily life.

Traffic ticket usually worries people a lot. However, it’s the time when they should remain calm and understand what exactly does this mean. Traffic ticket does not necessarily mean that you have to go to court of law. The matter can be resolved but you surely need to defend yourself to make sure that the points from your license are not taken off.

It’s always beneficial to appear in the court and fight for your rights and defend yourself. This might even help you save from increased insurance rates. You should be fair and ready to put your point forward. If you feel the ticket issued to your is not correct then you can mention the same in the court of law and can claim yourself not guilty.

It’s your right to fight every ticket you get and if required you can hire an attorney who can help and guide you in proving yourself innocent. Do not pay off your ticket without fighting for your innocence. It would lead to a black mark on your record and it might later affect your insurance rates too.

It’s very important to understand and know the traffic court system and rules and regulations. It’s equally important to know your rights well. If you need to keep your records clean and avoid penalties, then you should stand for your right.


Under the influence of alcohol and drugs- DUI

DUI is nothing but driving under influence of alcohol or other drugs. Driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs is a criminal offense, even if no accident has occurred or no one is injured because of you. An obvious fine of $200 will be charged at the same time you will be subjected to a lengthy imprisonment. Moreover your license might get remarks or get cancelled in the worst case.

You need to hire an experienced DUI law firm to help you fight your case so that you don’t end up losing your driving privileges, or even going to jail. Skubaik & Rivas, P.A. has been providing services to its clients for over 22 years to help them fight against traffic tickets and DUI. It provides qualified lawyers who will help you solve your case and not end up being in jail. They have the experience of solving many cases like DUI, drug cases, speeding ticket, reckless driving, highway racing, etc related to traffic rules and are successful.

If you hire a Skubaik & Rivas lawyer before your case is totally dismissed, they will help you with alternate charges like fine, probation, community service, DUI driving school , etc instead of license suspension and jail time. It provides free consultation charges and total attorney fee refund incase of no result.